After we have created the "Master" hologram or have authorized stock security hologram, the next step is to replicate them. Depending on the purpose of hologram application you will need to choose what type of material we will copy the images onto. The most common materials are: self-adhesive labels, tamper evident self-adhesive labels and hot-stamping foils.

Self-adhesive Holograms

The holograms are provided on rolls for automatic or manual application onto almost any substrate. Sequential numbering of labels is available.

Tamper Evident Holograms with selective release pattern

Tamper evident hologram labels, once applied it cannot be transferred to another surface, any attempt to remove it results in destruction of the image.


Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

Hot-stamping foil with holographic images and position marks for application with hot-stamping machine. Hot-Stamping foil is fused on to a paper or plastic surfaces, by means of heat and pressure. Once applied on to the host surface it becomes part of it and the image. The foil cannot be removed from the substrate intact.

Types of paper and other materials must be adjusted for compatibility before ordering.