Holograms are recognized worldwide as premier optical security and authentication devices. They belong to a class of images known as Diffractive Optical Variable Image Devices (DOVID). Highly valued for security, holograms can only be produced using specialized and technologically advanced equipment. They cannot be replicated by standard printing techniques, color copies, or by computer scanning equipment.

The computer evaluation has given counterfeiting and forgery skills to anyone using a low-cost personal computer based publishing system. Counterfeiters have now easily forged virtually every kind of paper document or package.

Holograms will cause them to abandon their efforts to copy your product and move on to easier targets. As a result, the use of hologram security devices guarantees product or document authenticity.

Security holograms have become well-established in many industries and are commonly found on a host of products, packages and valuable documents, including passports, credit cards, stocks and bonds, gift certificates, coupons, licenses, tickets, passes, identification and membership cards, clothing hang tags, computer software, compact discs, watches and sporting goods.